The National Collegiate Club Golf Association runs competitive weekend college golf tournaments for students during the Fall and Spring semesters


college student is welcome to play NCCGA


OVER 400 COLLEGES PARTICIPATE IN THE NCCGA. Students from any college are welcome even if your school does not have a team.


The National Collegiate Club Golf Association is an initiative dedicated to the organization and promotion of collegiate club golf. Our mission is to increase opportunities for college students to play golf in college. We achieve this mission through the coordination and regulation of competition locally and nationally.

Our Core Values


The NCCGA creates lifetime friendships and opportunities through our National community. Facilitating communication among our players, alumni, and golf industry at large is a top priority.


The NCCGA is an inclusive organization. All tournaments are co-ed and welcome to women and men. All swings are welcome whether you shoot 65 or 115. Any active college student at any college can compete.


The NCCGA is committed to the members of our association and their interests come first. We are dedicated to the success of collegiate club golfers before, during, and after college. Although golf is important, we are committed to lifetime success of our players above all.

Mason Wicks

Mason Wicks

Illinois State University
Club golf is the perfect opportunity to play competitive golf in college without having the same time commitment as varsity golf. Through club golf you will meet lifelong friends and enjoy competing against many cool people all across the country.
Seth Woods

Seth Woods

Fisher College Coach
Inner city schools like ours often don’t have the space to build large facilities to attract and retain students. The golf club has been that selling point/retention tool at a fraction of the cost. Our students, faculty, staff and admissions department thanks you for that!
Jamie Plays with the NCCGA

Jamie Ehrhart

St. Louis University
After leaving a varsity program and transferring to Saint Louis University, I was fearful that my golf career was over. The NCCGA and Nextgengolf have allowed me to compete at a high level and continue my golf career for years to come.

The Tournaments

  • Tournaments are held on weekends (Saturday afternoon and Sunday Morning), meaning students will never miss a class
  • Events are hosted at quality facilities, but with a college-student budget in mind
  • Tournaments are co-ed and open to any active college student no matter your skill level
  • Each region will host 2-3 tournaments which serve as qualifiers to the National Championship each semester
  • All tournaments are 2 days with team-based and individual competition.

The Teams

  • Most clubs are officially sanctioned by campus recreation and receive school funding
  • Many club golf teams have hundreds of players in their club
  • Clubs play and practice together regularly during the school year and do not have required practice from the NCCGA. Many schools have a discounted greens fee or membership at a local facility
  • Students can play as individuals representing their school if they do not have the required 5 students to form a team



What is the NCCGA?

The NCCGA (National Collegiate Club Golf Association) is the governing body for non-varsity college golf.

Who is eligible to compete?

To be eligible for NCCGA tournaments, a student must be currently enrolled full-time at their college (as defined by their school). Students must have amateur status. Please check with your individual NCAA coach for eligibility concerns.

Undergraduate, graduate, community college, PGM, Medical, PHD, and law school students are all eligible to play (provided they meet the other eligibility requirements). There are no age restrictions for NCCGA tournaments.

Full Eligibility Requirements

What is the tournament format?

NCCGA tournaments are 2-day, 36-hole stroke-play events. All NCCGA events team-based, 36 hole events. All tournaments are stroke play and team-based (the best 5 scores per team are used to calculate the team score).

Who plays club golf?

Club golf is played by former high school golfers, recreational players, the academic-focused, former junior tour stars, fraternity and sorority members, and everyone in-between. Club golf is a co-ed, inclusive and welcoming environment that allows students the opportunity to play fun and competitive golf while in college.

Scores range from 65-115. All swings are welcome and club teams often have a wide range of skill levels spanning from highly competitive to recreational players.

What is the commitment of playing club golf?

One of the largest benefits of playing club golf is the low level of commitment. The NCCGA runs three regional tournaments each semester and a National Championship for qualifying teams and individuals (National Invitational is only in the fall). Each tournament is a Saturday-Sunday event meaning almost all competing teams miss no class time.

The weekly schedule for a club team differs from club-to-club, but most teams do not have mandatory practices, workouts or events on a weekly basis. Many club teams will simply have 2-3 tee times available for anyone who wants to practice/play. This provides flexibility for each individual student to juggle other priorities such as academics, other clubs, or greek life.

How do I sign-up?

Fill out a prospective team form and our leadership team will explain how we can help you get started at your school's club golf team.

When do schedules get posted?

The fall NCCGA schedule will be posted in August. The spring NCCGA schedule will be posted in January.

You can view the schedule here. We will also send out email reminders when it has been posted.

Which colleges have club golf teams?

Over 400 colleges across the United States have club golf teams.

What if my school doesn't have a club team?

The NCCGA works hard to helps students through the process of starting a club golf team at your school. Everything from registering through club sports, recruiting players, and funding opportunities.

Students also have the option to compete in our tournaments as individuals if their school doesn't have a club team participating or they do not want to start a team.

How many players are on a team?

Team range from 5 players to 8 players and many clubs bring multiple teams to regional events. Clubs range from 10 players to over 100 depending on your college. If you have specific questions about teams, please let us know at

What are the costs?

Tournament fees
The NCCGA runs two to three tournaments per semester in each region, and the tournaments cost vary per region. Each tournament package includes greens fees, tee gifts such as Srixon balls and granola bars, prizes, and often range balls/carts. Our goal is to secure the best rates while ensuring the highest quality golf courses for events that we can find.

What benefits does a team/student receive?

Club golf teams and all individual students that are members of the NCCGA receive the opportunity to play in professionally run golf tournaments both regionally and nationally, discounts at local golf courses, discounts on equipment and apparel, job/internship opportunities, networking events, as well as a significant amount of swag at each tournament. If you are new to NCCGA, here is what to expect:

  • Sleeve of premium Srixon Z-star balls at every tournament
  • 1st and 10th Tee Bars
  • Custom-carved wooden license plates for the top medalist and top team. The top 5 medalists will receive a custom wooden NCCGA bag tag.

When are the tournaments?

The NCCGA tournaments take place during the fall and spring college semesters. When booking tournaments, the NCCGA takes into account spring breaks, football games, and other popular weekends to ensure that everyone can play. It is a challenge to accommodate for each school in a region each weekend, which is why the NCCGA hosts multiple tournaments per semester.

How does the National Championship and National Invitational Tournament work?

Teams and individuals have a chance to qualify locally for the Fall 2024 NCCGA National Championship and National Invitational starting in September 2024. Click here to view our full qualifying procedures.

Can women play?

Yes, of course! Men and women are allowed to compete on the same team in NCCGA competition. Women play from the more forward tees, but would still compete on the same leaderboard as the other competitors.

Schools have the option to create gender-specific teams, but only if both genders are represented. (Ex: UNC Chapel Hill fields a men’s club golf team AND a women’s club golf team). In this case, the women’s team would all play from the shorter tees, but still play directly against the other teams.